HG21 android GSM Bar Phone Bringing an Innovation in the Market of Smartphones

Android is a newly introduced term circulating all around. More and more people are interested to know about this revolutionary term that has taken the world of mobile phones many steps ahead. This article will help you to learn more about Android phones. It is an operating system based on LINUX which was first developed by a Google employee named Andy Rubin. Android phone is also known as smart phone. The popularity graph of this operating system is growing very rapidly. Android smart phone’s demand is increasing day-by-day as its easy and accessible technology which is preferred by most of the people. These phones are based on many Android technologies with uncountable application and features. The best thing about this operating system is that they provide an affordable platform to its users for downloading applications and tools from the internet without paying anything.

Cheap android phones are although available all over but you need to know first that what you require in a phone, so that you could make better use of your each penny. In this scenario, there are many companies that offer cheap android phones other than the giant brands of mobile phones. They offer the same features and specs in a very affordable price range such as the HG21 android GSM Bar Phone that has touchscreen, camera, TV, FM, micro USB, 58.78MB memory other than supportive memory card of 8GB (not included), Multilanguage and what not.

Android based smart phones are able to handle almost all tasks done by a computer. The smart phones not only serve as telecommunication, but they also allow you to do nearly everything you want to do on your computer. You can use these technologies by the Android such as CDMA, Wi-Fi, EV-DO, MPEG4, H264, AMR-WB, AAC, GPS, Bluetooth, video camera touch screen and much more. All these amazing features make this operating system prominent among others. Too many waits for the downloading can disappoint the user. So applications must be quick to download and easy to be navigated. They need to have a clear screen to view photos or their messages. All these specs are provided by HG21 android GSM Bar Phone.

You can find a cheap android phone in the price range of as low as 60$ and as high as 500$ at dealextreme. If you desire to have a phone with all basic functions and having Wi-Fi in it then you can buy even the one of cheaper rates where there is warranty of one year which assures the reliance of that product.

A self-introduction for exam interview.

 I wrote this for my friend when she needed it for an interview in the second exam to go to a good english help. I hope this piece of work could be of some use for those who will give an personal introduction in English some day in the future.

Good morning, teachers. I’m really happy to be selected here to take the second exam of your university. Here is a brief introduction of myself.

My Chinese name is ****, but you may also call me ****, that’s my English name.

I come from Ji Nan – a very beautiful city of Shangdong province, famous for its Da Ming Lake, Bao Tu Spring and the rest of it. If you ever got a chance to travel in Jinan, do let me know. I would like to be your tour guide whenever you want. Back in my hometown, I live with my families, my parents and younger brother, which is really a happy family filled with love and warmth.

In 2007, I was enrolled by Capital Normal University. Having been studying there for four years, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in 2011, during when I studied very hard. As a result, I managed to pass not only the TEM4, TEM8 but also won the academic scholarship each year. Apart from that, I actively took part in the social work both inside and outside school, which are extremely rewarding for me.

As for my personal traits, I guess you can easily tell that I am an upbeat girl. In my life, I always try to keep a good state of mood even when I am trapped in troubles. I have broad interests. I like playing Pi Pa (the Chinese traditional instrument), traveling around and reading books. I have started playing pipa since I was ten years old, which not only cultivates my taste but also nourish my mind; books are my forever friends. They make the dark and empty days seem bright and full, give me the strength to weather through the difficulties; traveling can indeed broaden a person’s horizon. What is worth mentioning here is that in 2009, I went to America for a Summer Program, during when I visited some prestigious universities, like Harvard, MIT and so on. It was really an awesome experience.

It’s really a grueling way for me to pursue this opportunity for a further education. When I was informed that I had a chance to participate in our university’s interview and exam, I almost burst into tears. Thank you so much for this.

Finally I want to cite a saying here to conclude my introduction — A truly successful person is one who can still enjoy the scenery even on a detour. No matter what the result is, thank you for your time. Wish you all have a nice day.

A Letter to Chairman Mao

II  How to learn from experience

All the comrades attending the meeting are discussing their work  experiences since last year and have put forward a lot of valuable opinions. The discussion will greatly benefit our party’s work and transform our passivity into initiative in some respects. Furthermore, the principles of socialist economy will be embodied. The lasting imbalance can be adjusted in time and an active balance can be well understood.    

In my opinion, some faults in the Great Leap Forward last year were unavoidable. As in the revolutions led by our party in the past thirty-odd years, there is no flawless achievement and everything should be viewed from two aspects. At present, the outstanding problem faced with in our building is the various tensions caused by disproportions in the economy. From the viewpoint of nature, the situation has deteriorated the relations between workers and peasants, between all walks of life in town and those in country. So it may be considered political, a key connected with our mobilizing the masses to carry on the Great Leap Forward in the future.



Give up a water melon to grasp at sesame

Idiot was arrested by the police. He was charged for setting the house he rented on fire, which made the landlord lose forty thousand dollars. What’s more, Idiot would be sentenced to several years in prison. The most hapless thing is that Idiot would lose a very good position in a foreign company and the salary was admired by many people of his age. He had just bought a new house and was going to get married with a pretty girl. It was astonishing that Idiot was a man who got his doctorate. It attests to that an idiom is right, profit makes people lose their minds.

Idiot had been a tenant in Shanghai since he graduated. He worked hard and saved up for years. Couple of months ago, he bought a new house and intended to move into it immediately. He informed the landlord that he would vacate the latter’s house at once in order to save several months’ rent. Anyhow it was as much as nearly ten thousand dollars.

However, the landlord told Idiot that he wouldn’t return the foregift to him as Idiot had broken the agreement to quit earlier. In addition, Idiot had to pay the landlord seven hundred more for cleaning the house. Idiot got very angry like an abducted child and quarreled with the landlord. The foregift was not an unsolicited gift at all. Idiot itched to kill the demonic landlord.

Getting all riled up about this, Idiot had an evil idea popping into his head. He thought that he had to give the landlord a lesson. He clicked his lighter to light the bedsheet. Looking at the small flame, he got very satisfactory. Suddenly, the fire became so large that he couldn’t get it under control. He might as well run out of the house letting the fire ruin the content of the house.

Alas! A young man destroyed his promising future as he didn’t know how to make light of loss. By comparison with freedom, love, happiness and health, money is nothing. Of course, Idiot won’t be decapitated at all but he will lose his lovely girlfriend and his enviable position and his reputation. Perhaps he was a model of probity before. As a catchphrase put it, impulse is a devil. Because of impulse, Idiot dissembled and tore down his pretty homestead.

Are you fine in heaven

Tomb-sweeping Day passed yesterday. I went to my hometown. As our hometown’s custom, we went to father’s tomb the day before yesterday. The weather was some of cold with light drizzle, rightly matched the old sentence: Raining is going on at the Tomb-sweeping Day, people are crashed on the road… 

The date belongs to him now, only in the date, he can listen our grief weeping, maybe he really miss us. Are you fine there? Is it cold and dark in heaven? Whether are you happy and what are you doing everyday? Whether is there a day there? Whether is there sunrise and sunset there? How about is your life there? Are you lonely with your single one there? Who can company you to speak except my gramma? No any message to know a piece. If you miss us, please let God post a dream for me. I may get what like your all. 

Since you left us, home had collapsed half sky. Mum is the most sad person to miss you. She is lonely to spend her days without you. We all miss you, but we havn’t any way to contact you. Your two grandsons are fine, the elder one is reading his post-graduate in Shenyang university, the younger one has been working in the Central Electricity Authority. Your granddaughter is studying in her senior school which is the best in Hebei. I think you must miss them. They are growing up well, you may relieved. We your son and daughters live well too, we four families all have cars now, and your family factory runs well. 

Because of your leaving, I have not been afraid of death any longer. Because of your leaving, I firstly realized I had been a real adult instead of a little girl. Because of your leaving, I felt life is both long and short. Being alive and death is so near, but so far too. I’m just the kid whose temper is most alike with yours among we four kids. So maybe my missing is the most. Give me a dream to tell me something about your anything. Is it really fine in heaven? Do you hear your daughter’s calling? My dear dad…

shut up your reek mouth!

Recently, some developers have held up to capitulate giving up their extravagant profit policy as they have realized that they can’t stand the pressure from the center government. However, many developers can’t see through the situation and prefer to wait-and-see. A damn so-called economist named 许小年, as the speakman of those stubborn developers, opens his reek mouth denouncing the center government’s policy of property control. He sounds like an expert saying something fiddle-faddle as if he were a shameless and despicable ruffian and clown. This guy said that the house price will be the higher if it is depressed harder. What a folderol!

This guy doesn’t open his dog eyes looking at the situation. The center government is determined to crack down on both investors and speculators in the housing market through property control. Premier Wen has said clearly that the house price must be depressed to a reasonable level. Meanwhile, most Chinese agree with Mr. Wen and support the center government’s policy. Polls show that only 14 percent Chinese are willing to buy a house now. It means that the house price is far higher than that most Chinese can afford.

Being an economist, XUXIAONIAN should serve people. But he has sold his soul to the developers and becomes an audacious and notorious court economist of the developers. We mustn’t be tricked by his cock and bull story and get disoriented. The destination of ours is very distinct. We must wait until the house price comes down to the level we ratify.

We believe that the center government has many measures prepared for depressing the house price if it dares to rebound. Some clever and wise developers have realized it but that economist 许小年is blind to it. Do you believe he is sincere?

Of course, depressing the house price is very taxing because it is as if we produced money from the developers’ pockets. They are sure to react and their court economists will jump out saying something of all-my-eye and some disparaging comment. These pompous so-called economists dare to lie glibly without winking as though they were sons of bitch. We mustn’t let their reek mouths boggle our minds, nor perk our ears listening to them. We may sit cross-legged on the sofa scoffing at these swindlers or cold-shoulder their crap words. We needn’t be in a panic when we hear these goddamned economists’ flimflam.


Degen De1103 Radio Review

This review was written by GW

My requirements for a small HF SSB/CW receiver to replace a less useful ATS-505, had to be sensitive, selective. 
Low cost was necessary (as always) with ease of operation and a good pedigree.

With a large number of reviews, user groups, YouTube videos available plumped for the 1103. The price was £ 32 £ 14 P & p direct from China (ebay seller tquchina) and delivery in 7 days.

Upon arrival I was surprised how small this radio is, truly portable. Comes with adapter of current, 4 rechargeable batteries, soft pouch type case, longwire antenna plug headphones with volume control, carry strap and manual in English. With all the accessories at normal UK prices which are half the price of the radio!

Audio quality is excellent. Hatred of any form of whistle in the audio sections and this radio has not. FM reception is much better than what they have heard for a long time is headphone stereo. The speaker volume is more than adequate with 65 levels and mine have established no more than 12, in large volumes there is some distortion, but my ears hurt then.

Much has been written on the volume control are not separated (press a button and the dial setting then control the volume) but I like, its simple, the AGC kleeps constant reasonable volume for lots of adustment is not necessary. It is one thing that like can accompany it of using the large adjustment rather than a complicated embedded control dial.

MW can receive all stations require, I am not in MW DX as well a good range of United Kingdom stations during the day and the European night is the extent of my sensitivity measurements. Again the quality of audio is great and very good selectivity.

I like short-wave listening to AM / SSB and CW. The radio is very sensitive with only tenuous DX was lost, but not buy it for pick up at stations in the noise! SSB is easily solved as it is CW and narrow filter configuration really work well in defined

signals, I have not been dissappointed as it is approximately as wide as my IC-718 with bag filters (possibly better).

Frequency input is easy, OK is not the traditional telphone keyboard but I like a lot. Enter the frequency and press band + 100 kHz – 30 MHz or 76 – 108 MHZ MHz band.

Memories (268) stored the frequency and mode. Numbering is hexadecimal, but 1-100 can be used.Them it is very easy but they have mistakenly overwritten a couple finger problems.

Time alarm, alarm, are all intuitive.

The light is very pleasant. Often hear at night (XYL permitting) and the light works fine, turned on when you press a button or marked tone converted, turning off after 3 seconds aprox. (can be permanent if mains powered).

The radio has built in battery that will be very useful reloaders, but I’ve yet to use it.

The current set of batteries have lasted a week with the use of 2-3 hours a day so close to 20 ++ hours using a mix of speakers and headphones and still stomping by what I’m very happy.

I like the pseudo analog screen, takes me back to an old Philco receiver. Pity does not cover all the HF bands in continuous sections but that is not a problem for me.

Disadvantages: For well under £ 50 delivered with all the accessories and great performance I can think of one thing.

Well done Degen, a little gem of a receiver that is getting a lot of use.

To buy Degen de1103

First time watch birth giving video

Be a daughter  I never know how a baby to be born of cuase I know but just never have chance to watch a really one .sometimes I argued with my mom for she care about me too much ,let me cann’t breath .. it is boring before .. but not from one day .. when I got a video from life which when broadcasting the whole bithgiving process …after that special day .. when we hava a conflict .. I will tell myself she is old now .. and she is the person who give me my life .Ithis pop into my heard when I want to dicuss with her something our this generation do but they don’t understand I learn to control myself .,to understand her why she is so upset when I go out with friends at night or get a trip to another city .. not like before we did we argue a lot .. now I will tell her , I will be fine  and take care of myself a lot .. with safty friends .. call her when I reache my destination … it change me a lot when I face her .. .
one time when I download videos from a foreigh website for my English .I get a video which casting a woman ‘s labor  to a baby .. I am so excited to watch .. it is about half hours long .. American is so great ..they upload everything related with life online … I am just curious to watch that one,, it is a traditional childbirth … in the middle of the palying ..when I watch this woman who giving birth to her baby .. bleeding . .and then the head is coming … the baby is nearly out and the umbillical cord  I nearly cry .. the blood all over the baby ‘s tiny body … and final the placenta is expelled from the mother’s body .. wow .. that moment I was chilled all my body … and let me realise why most mother care use kids more … they use ten month to wait to give birth to their babys .. this long journey cost them too much..
most people know mather care kids more than father .. yes mothers always  nagging al the times … but through that viedo I know they are nagging around us all the time .. some of us just push them away .keep them away from distance .. these years I have been through a lot .. slowly understand her . before I never hug her when I from long journey .. or longtime no see .. now I hug her a lot .. kiss her on her cheek …
surprise she changed too . she enjoy her life much ..  nagging around me  less .that make me think.. a mother just want her children accept them when them become more grow up …
Now I am happier more with my mom   . I use nearly thirty years to learn her more
I am happy it is not too late to thank her to bring me up so hard even in hard time
I thank my mom and dad a lot in person .. but just feel never enough ..treat them well .. cook for them ..
treat them like kids these years . cause they are all sixty something …
 I never forget a song my father sing a lullaby  to me when I was in crib . when I grow up now we have booming internet . I have chance to find this speical lullaby .everytime I listen . it is so touching .. I can listen too much times ..when I heard it  I can’t hold my tears back.
from now on I have more times with my parents .. do well before they push. me .. that feeling is great
An aditional cavaet … living in today .. when you boring … think of it ,,if you ignore tody .. it will be next day ‘s yesterday ..  love the person you love …sharing moment with them  .. you will feel happy when you recall.

Thanks for your suggetions.

First of all,I must thank all friends in here who give me suggestion in “ask for help” article. It’s my pleasure to received your suggestions.I have made a great decision to continue my job until on March 2012 and also have made a plan for learning English in those three months. I believe that I will be studying it very well and looking for ideal job.I will be letting those people who laughed at or look down upon on me know that I can do better than them. Bless me. Study hard,hard,hard. What a wonderful day. Keep moving on! Believe yourself! Nothing is impossible. Where there is will,there is way.Come on!!! (when I got up and opened my eyes in the morning,I will be saying these setence in the first time)